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A Special Message from Process and Water

Welcome Back to Process and Water, Enjoy the Video!

Process and Water, based in E. Bridgewater, MA, is a global design-build firm that approaches each Pure Water and Wastewater project that we undertake with a total dedicated engineering and manufacturing dynamic.


Design & Engineering

Process and Water employs a full staff of design engineers with decades of engineering and industry expertise. This affords us the ability to offer both pre-design consultation and actual system design for a broad range of water treatment products serving several industries, including High-Tech Manufacturing, Process Finishing, Electronics, Aerospace, R & D Labs, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology. With every system, we supply the critical, in-depth submittal and drawing packages required in today’s marketplace.


Manufacturing & Factory Acceptance Testing

Process and Water’s experienced process and purification engineers and technicians perform all facets of system manufacture. We shape it, weld it, plumb it, wire it, assemble it and test it in our manufacturing facility, prior to packaging it and shipping it to the customer location. Engineers, contractors and end users are welcome to witness any part of the manufacturing and testing process.


Site Install, Commissioning & Long-Term Support

Process and Water’s dedicated team of service technicians provide all forms of post-manufacturing support. This support includes installation assistance, system start-up, system commissioning, preventive maintenance and DI resin regeneration services. In most cases, we can offer complete turn-key solutions.

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