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About Us

Since our founding in 2010, Process and Water has been exclusively focused on helping customers to overcome their critical fluid handling and process purification challenges. Offering innovative system design, development and manufacturing capabilities, we specialize in creating value-driven systems that meet customers’ specific operational requirements – and do so within their budgets.

For customers with straightforward process requirements, we offer a range of baseline systems, as well as several lines of high-quality process and purification equipment. We also know that unplanned downtime can have major bottom-line impact, so we provide preventative maintenance and technical support services that ensure our customers’ systems are always up and running.

We are staffed, prepared and equipped to partner with our customers throughout all phases of a project – from inception, to systems design, manufacturing, installation, and on-going support. We stand with our customers and are committed to ensuring their success.

With innovative systems designs, rapid sourcing of high-quality components, and dependable services, Process and Water offers a total solution for our customers’ fluid handling and process purification needs.

Process and Water is a subsidiary of Elevate Experts Corp., a provider of strategy, management, and marketing services to small- and mid-sized businesses.

Process and Water has three focused divisions:

  1. Design Services: We are not consulting engineers, we are system developers that have the experiences of the actual manufacturing and implementation of energy efficient high purity water and wastewater treatment and recycling technologies.
  2. Process & Purification Equipment: Process Purification, water recycling and compliance design and manufactured systems division.
  3. Preventative maintenance and spare parts: Process and Water provides process equipment Preventative maintenance, and a state of the art online (e commerce) store that will provide a value add service to our current and future customer base and further expand the service and product offering regionally and nationally.
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