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Case Study: Interplex Etch Logic


Process and Water, a global design and build firm, supports the microelectronics and photo etching industry by providing innovative, high purity water and industrial wastewater, zero liquid discharge technologies. This is achieved through a dedicated engineering and manufacturing dynamic in their 10,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility located in East Bridgewater, Massachusetts.


The Challenge

Interplex Etch Logic, a leader in innovative photochemical etched applications for automotive, telecom, and medical components, faced the challenge of sourcing a firm and technology that could support a new facility expansion and corporate focus of recycling a high rate of the photo etching process rinse waters. The vendor selection and timeline were critical as the process expansion was to support the increase in business Interplex Etch Logic had acquired.


The Solution

After an extensive search, Process and Water was selected for their ability to design, manufacture, and commission a compliance and recycling process, and meet the critical timeline for expansion completion. The TCR (Total Compliance and Recycle) process, an innovative patent-pending process, was implemented to achieve total compliance and water recycling demand. The solution included:

  • A chemical pre-treatment step to destabilize any heavy metals present
  • A hollow fiber, sub-micron micro filter for separating heavy metals from the water
  • An organic and bacteria treatment reduction step that includes carbon-based absorption medias and multiple wavelength ultraviolet disinfecting systems
  • A high recovery dissolved salt, reducing reverse osmosis system
  • A high-purity mixed bed de-ionization resin system to polish a percentage of the reverse osmosis product water

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The partnership developed between Interplex Etch Logic and Process and Water was key to the success of the facility expansion. Strong customer-vendor communication enabled Interplex to be a participant in the design, manufacturing, and commissioning stages of the project. This process concluded with the client’s facility expansion and water recycling system goals being met.

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