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Process and Water Completes Commissioning of Purified USP Water System

Process and Water in conjunction with its manufacturing group LT Technologies has just completed the start-up and validation of a USP (United States Pharmacopeia) purified water system. This project is part of a private and public partnership with a United States Agricultural University. Project GreenVax, which uses tobacco plants rather than the current egg-based vaccine technology, promises to shorten vaccine production to a fraction of the current time, allowing rapid response to newly emerging viruses. Process and Water and LT Technologies upon award of this project accepted the challenge this project presented and were awarded with meeting the expectations and goals set forth by both the client and itself.

The purified water system includes a state of the art duplex reverse osmosis treatment system and two independent high purity water distribution loops. The first distribution loop is for the general use of reverse osmosis water within the facility such as boiler water make up and plant irrigation. The second (PW) distribution loop is for the USP purified water that will be used in the vaccine production.

Process and Water is an innovative and rapidly emerging technology company that provides design, start-up and validation services for water purification, filtration and treatment solutions to a diverse customer base including commercial, industrial, non-profit organizations and government agencies. With cost-effective design solutions and a strong focus on meeting budgets and deadlines, Process and Water is continually staying up to date on the latest advances in high purity and compliance technologies. Its customer list includes Coca-Cola, Dow Chemical, General Electric, Siemens (TurboCare), Umicore, URS Corp. and Valspar Paints. More information on Process and Water’s design and preventative maintenance services and online store is available at:

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