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precision engineering

Peter Stone

VP, Precision Engineering

“To help us achieve our next phase of growth, Precision Engineering recently upgraded the equipment and processes we use in our core business of custom sheet metal fabrication. The new processes give us the ability to serve a wider range of industries and customer applications. However, they also created new water system requirements that we needed to meet.

“The Process and Water team visited our facility and reviewed our operations. They quickly confirmed our requirements for incoming DI water and process rinse water recycling. We needed help in two areas: increasing our incoming water quality, and enhancing wastewater handling capabilities for our process rinse waters.

“With all the advances in rinse water quality and recycle technologies, there were lots of options and choices for us to consider. Our challenge was to find solutions among all these alternatives that not only met our specific needs, but were also highly cost effective.

“The team from Process and Water team took a very different approach than all the other vendors we had in. Rather than pushing a particular solution, they first wanted to get to know us, understand our processes and business goals, and how rinse water handling factored in. Only after they got their arms around all that, did they come back with their recommended solution. The result is a true, turnkey solution that delivers outstanding performance and reliability well within our budget.

“With Process and Water, we were able to meet our water-related business challenges and continue on track with our growth plans. What we ultimately ended up with was beyond our expectations. Our reverse osmosis/DI and ion exchange water recycle systems have been up and running for over four years and have stayed within operational budget. We couldn’t be happier with the expertise, customer focus and overall professionalism of the Process and Water team. For these reasons, we expect that they’ll be involved from the outset in our future projects as they unfold.”

Precision Engineering Inc. is a WBENC- and WOSB-certified woman-owned small business specializing in high-quality, custom sheet metal fabrications and machining. More information is available on the company’s website.


IPT logo

David Drake

VP, International Plating Technologies

We trust Process and Water with our critical clients that have challenging industrial wastewater treatment, recycling and incoming DI water needs. Process and Water’s philosophy is based on partnership. We have found the entire Process and Water team to be technically competent, professional, easy to work with and enthusiastic. Their partnership approach is evident in their ability to clearly understand IPT and our customer’s needs, and willingness to go the extra mile to meet those needs. We’ve teamed up on several new project installations, and they always provide competitively priced, well-manufactured equipment on-time and with reliable support. They consistently deliver high-quality solutions for our business and I have no hesitation in recommending them to end user or resellers.

International Plating Technology (IPT) is a leading designer and manufacturer of plating equipment, anodizing lines and continuous process systems. For more information, please visit IPT’s website.




David Brisbois

Chemical Control Manager, Tech-Etch

“In every industry, fast-paced growth creates some operational challenges. This is particularly true for process-intensive businesses like ours. When those challenges are water-related, Tech-Etch has come to rely on the team at Process and Water for solutions. Here’s one example of how they’ve earned our trust.

“A few years ago, in order to handle our growth, we upgraded equipment and processes at our Plymouth, MA facility. These changes drove a need for significantly higher water usage. In fact, we found ourselves bumping right up against our permitted daily limit for sewer discharge.

“Rising water costs and compliance concerns made this a strategic issue for Tech-Etch. To address the challenge and clear the path for continued growth, Tech-Etch needed to find a way to accommodate its new processes without increasing either water usage or sewer discharge amounts.

“We saw several other vendors in our evaluation process, but they all came in pushing a pre-determined set of products. Unlike those vendors, Process and Water came in with a clear focus on our business needs. The Process and Water team spent time with our people, and got to know our business. It was a critical – and refreshing – difference.

“As a result, Process and Water was able to deliver a system that met all of our needs within our budget. Our system lets us recycle 98% of our process rinse waters rather than discharging it into the town’s sewer system. It’s a highly cost-effective system. In fact, it’s so efficient and reliable that we’ve been able to redirect some of the recycled water to support other processes in that facility.

“The bottom line is that Process and Water listened to us and took the time to understand our specific needs. They enabled us to hold the line on water usage costs and sewer discharge amounts while leveraging new processes for additional growth. They’re a trustworthy, skilled and valued partner. Anybody who needs help figuring out an industrial/commercial water system issue would be very well advised to speak with the pros at Process and Water

Tech-Etch is a leading manufacturer of specialty precision products, including photo etched flat and formed parts, thin and flexible printed circuits, and EMI shielding products. For more information about Tech-Etch’s products and services, visit its company’s website.

Harold Bros

Wes Turner

Harold Brothers Mechanical Contractors

“We consider Process and Water an important strategic partner of ours. Having worked on a number of large capital projects with the Process and Water team, we’ve found that time and time again they have proven themselves to be innovative, professional and extremely thorough in the manufacturing, installation and commissioning of their pH neutralization and high-purity water systems. We are met with many challenges as a mechanical contractor. When those challenges are water related, we know we can turn to Process and Water for solutions. With their professionalism, expertise, and positive approach, they’re always a pleasure to deal with. They also work very well with our customers. We look forward to continuing to grow our business together and are confident that Process and Water will be with us every step of the way.”

Harold Brothers Mechanical Contractors, Inc. is a full-service mechanical construction company based in Weymouth, MA. The company provides the full range of mechanical construction services including HVAC, process piping, refrigeration, plumbing, fire protection, pre-fabrication, rigging, energy management and temperature control. For more information, visit the company’s website.

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