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Process and Water is a total solutions company to a diverse marketplace. We provide our clients the technical process design, proven equipment and aftermarket preventative maintenance services required to meet their internal process and operational needs. This all starts with sound, unbiased engineering design and development. The Process and Water team has a combined 50 years of experience in the design and implementation of high purity and wastewater treatment and recycle technologies.

We believe in developing a sustainable, energy efficient solution for its clients by reducing the waste that most traditional engineering firms create. We believe in building lasting client relationships by taking ownership of the clients goals by responsible design, and by responsive client services. We are not consulting engineers, we are system developers that have the experiences of the actual manufacturing and implementation of energy efficient high purity water and wastewater treatment and recycling technologies.

At Process and Water, we view the design challenges as bringing together all of the project goals to make the result greater than the sum of its individual parts. Optimizing and attaining these goals are what we strive for.


 We have a three step approach to engineering and design success:

Development: we are developers more than engineers, our real world experiences have proven that in order to meet our client’s expectations we must understand their challenges. Our developmental process is one of gaining a real understanding of our clients challenges through a process evaluation and/or audit.

Collaboration: success is a two-way street, an effective and efficient solution requires that both parties work together to meet one common goal. Process and water takes a qualitative and quantitative approach to engineering and design, therefore lending itself to all parties creating a result that both had anticipated on, at the contract outset.

Tangible results: traditional engineering sometimes lacks the substance that the client had anticipated. Process and Water believes that in order to meet the expectation of its clients it must deliver a result that can be seen virtually but understood visually. Our engineering turnover packages include such tangible deliverables as detailed process instrument diagrams, case history to actual operating equipment similar to the clients desired process. Process and Water is more than just the team of designers it is a team of engineers, manufacturers and implementation specialist that understand clients expectations.

Value Added: Process and Water can prepare and execute qualification protocols for pharmaceutical (purified water) systems. Our in-depth knowledge of these systems, along with our knowledge of industry standards, practices and regulatory requirements, allows us to offer a complete and accurate validation package.

Installation Qualification (IQ) involves field verification that the equipment has been installed properly and in accordance with design specifications and manufacturer’s recommendations. IQs also verify the receipt of completed documentation, the existence of equipment Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and preventive maintenance programs. The IQ protocol documents the installation verification of all components of the equipment and its control system. Our IQ protocols include, but are not limited to, the following verifications:

  • Purified Water system IQ Protocol
  • Documentation Verification
  • Manuals Verification
  • As-Built Drawings Verification
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Verification
  • Instrument Verification
  • Valve Verification
  • Piping Installation Verification
  • Utilities Verification
  • Major Component Verification (ASME pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, motors, etc.)
  • Control System and Panel Verification
  • Input/Output (I/O) Loop Verification

Operational Qualification (OQ) involves field verification that the equipment is capable of operating in accordance with design specifications and the client’s requirements. Our OQs verify equipment capability, operating ranges and all operation modes of the equipment (PLC verification). The OQ protocol documents data recording of system parameters, control system tests, sequence of operation tests, operational safety alarm tests, and 21CFR Part 11 assessment. The Process and Water OQ protocols include, but are not limited to, the following verifications:

  • System OQ Protocol
  • Test Instruments’ Calibration Verification
  • OIT Screen and Security Level Verification
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Assessment
  • Control System Alarm Verification
  • Equipment Mode Verification
  • System Performance Verification

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