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Fabricated Plastic Tanks

Fabricated and Welded Polypropylene Tanks and Systems

Fabricated and Welded Polypropylene Tanks and Systems

Process and Water is a full line designer and supplier of fabricated plastic tanks focused primarily on polypropylene construction. Process and Water also specializes in the design and other materials of construction selection related to high purity and process finishing in cleaning. Polypropylene, polyethylene, or PVC and PVDF are just a few of the plastics that we work with.


Design: the design of polypropylene tanks allows them to not rust, pit or corrode like alloy constructed vessels.

Custom Welded Polypropylene Tanks

Custom Welded Polypropylene Tanks

Structure: the structure of polypropylene tanks is such that they do not leak and require nearly the maintenance that alloy or other weaker plastics.

Installation: installation of polypropylene tanks is quicker due to their light weight and do not cost as much as stainless steel, nickel or other high performance materials.

Chemical Resistance: polypropylene tanks allow numerous chemicals such as acid alkali’s and other corrosive salts to be held in them.

Strength: the strength of polypropylene tanks is extraordinary due to their ability to endure high chemical and thermal permeation.

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