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High-Purity Water Systems and Services

Process and Water a leader in purification systemized technologies, and as such has focused its efforts to provide our clients with the best possible cost benefit solutions to all their purified water challenges. Our design and technologies are a showcase of innovation and smart design. Our RO-DI (reverse osmosis and deionization) technologies (including electro-deioniziation, EDI, CDI) are constantly evolving to be higher quality, lower cost, and more durable than any option on the market. 

The New PW-UPW-E Series High Purity Water System (State of the Art & Cost effective)

The New PW-UPW-E Series High Purity Water System (State of the Art & Cost effective)

Process and Water has developed a new high purity water (RO-DI) system that is scalable from 500-5000 gallons per day (GPD) for a diverse industry base, ranging from Bio-Technology to electronics. One of the major benefits of the this system is its foot print, as an example; a 5000 gallon per day (GPD) system with dimensions of 8 FT. x 3 FT. x 6 FT. that is broken into two skid to fit into some of the confined area’s these systems are installed. Another benefit is the cost, our team completed a multi-year research and development campaign to source the best possible products at the most competitive price. This yielded a truly robust system at a fraction of what traditional high purity water systems sell for. Contact our engineering sales team today to learn more about our family of PW-UPW-E High purity water systems.

What makes us worth careful consideration is the way with which your system gets developed. We work to your budget and goals, not ours. We analyze your process in a thoughtful practical way and develop systems that meet your process water requirements. Our Engineering group is educated and practical, and works to develop solutions using advanced standardized techniques we have employed for many years. All this adds up to value unseen in our industry.

Process and Water supplies innovative, cost efficient equipment and services to the Biotechnology and process finishing markets. We have successfully installed Ultrapure water (reverse osmosis and deionization) systems to the following markets:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Universities and Institutions
  • Micro Electronics/Semi-Conductor
  • Nano Optics
  • Laboratories
  • Process and surface finishing

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