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Hydranautics Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Hydranautics reverse osmosis membranes

Hydranautics and Process and Water (the exclusive Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Master distributor) offers a wide variety spiral wound membrane products for your application with outstanding performance and reliability.

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CPA membranes from Hydranautics set the standard for RO membrane elements. Over a half-billion gallons per day of pure water are produced by CPA2 for the world’s industries, and for municipal supplies around the globe. Semiconductor manufacturers rely on Hydranautics to provide the ultrapure water needed for production of sensitive semiconductor chips. Due to their high TOC, silica and hardness rejection, CPA3, CPA5-LD and CPA6-LD are ideal for producing low-scaling boiler make-up water for power generation applications. CPA membranes ensure reduced maintenance and more efficient power plant operation, while significantly reducing downstream polishing ion exchange costs. CPA membranes provide the highest salt rejection rates available.

Hydranautics CPA3 membrane includes 400 square feet of active membrane area with a large 31 mil feed spacer to reduce particulate fouling. With 400 square feet of active area, improved membrane chemistry for durability to high pH cleanings and LD technology – the CPA5-LD is the workhorse of the Hydranautics’ industrial membrane offering. The CPA6-LD is a super high rejection element that can help semiconductor, power or other customers meet stringent permeate water quality standards for harder to reject contaminants like silica.

ESPA stands for “Energy Saving Poly Amide” and includes Hydranautics elements with lower feed pressures. The ESPA series of elements are ideal for industrial & drinking water applications where energy consumption is the key driver for membrane selection. The ESPA2-LD membrane is the highest rejecting element in the ESPA series with 99.5% salt rejection (at standard test conditions). The ESPA2-LD is a good compromise between high rejection and low pressure for energy savings. The ESPA4-LD features the lowest operating pressure requirement of any Hydranautics element at 100psi and is a good choice for drinking water systems where some salt passage is desired or for applications where desired contaminant removal species are easier to reject such as nitrates or sulfates.

Hydranautics’ LFC3-LD element contains a neutrally charged membrane surface that helps prevent surface fouling by positively charged contaminants like TOC’s. The LFC3-LD is typically used in applications with higher fouling potential like surface water or waste water treatment.

CPA5-LD, CPA6-LD, LFC3-LD and ESPA2-LD membranes feature Hydranautics LD Technology™ which minimizes biological proliferation in the feed channel spacer. Biological buildup in the feed channel spacer leads to increases pressure drop across the membrane and more frequent cleanings.

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