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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems

waste water treatment system and design - Process and Water

Small to Large Batch Treatment Systems with Filter Press & Integrated Controls

Process and Water specializes in the design, build and service to a variety of compliance ready industrial wastewater technologies that include:

  • Tubular 0.1 Micron microfiltration
  • Gravity plate settler (clarifier) chemical precipitation
  • Batch treatment
  • Ultrafiltration (tubular & Hollow fiber)
  • Evaporation
  • Oil & water separation
  • Plate and frame filter press
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Ion exchange (metal selective or recycle)




Time tested and effective, chemical precipitation works. Many of the industry sectors served have made considerable investments in industrial wastewater treatment technology over the years. As our firm has evolved, we have also scaled down continuous flow precipitation technologies as a means to batch treat certain waste streams. Our batch reactors have controls packages that allow for the reaction to occur prior to any discharge taking place. This simple innovation means less risk for a company considering chemical precipitation.


  • SINGLE & DUAL STAGE: Single or two stage reactor available
  • EASY CALIBRATION pH & ORP CONTROLLERS: The highly reliable automated easy-calibration controller features automatic buffer recognition for mistake proof pH sensor calibrations.
  • AMERICAN MADE PLC BASED CONTROLLER: Each system is equipped with a fully automated PLC based controller to facilitate all operational functions.
  • CHEMICAL INJECTION PUMPS: Highly reliable proportional controlled chemical injections pumps to feed acid and/or caustic.
  • SLOW SPEED AGITATION: Gear operated mixer units used to ensure proper solution agitation.
  • CORROSIVE RESISTANT GRAVITY PLATE SETTLER: Custom manufactured polypropylene clarifier with PVC plates.


As a design and build firm our goal is to always work with what the client is most comfortable with, while educating them on all of their options, for many of our customers Chemical Precipitation is the best option to stay viable and in compliance. Let us show you how we have made it better.




Crossflow microfiltration systems maintain very high flow rates with minimal downtime for maintenance. They are also very easy to operate versus alternative technologies. As a result, crossflow systems have become the option of choice for end-of-pipe water recycle and for high-capacity wastewater treatment in precision manufacturing and process finishing.


The PW (0.1 micron) microfiltration module is the only cross flow microfiltration offering industrial users all these advantages versus competitive designs:


  1. The filter does not pass solids (for better compliance and better RO recycling)
  2. High flowing (fluxing) membrane
  3. Surface rejecting membrane operates far longer between cleanings
  4. Operational costs of the systems that use it are far lower
  5. Systems have far less frequent maintenance shutdowns and much shorter shutdowns

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