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Purified Water through Ion Exchange

Deionization and selective ion exchange design and implementation

Like all products in Process and Waters “Efficient” Series, our Incoming Water Deionization (DI) Ion exchange systems consist of high-quality, industrial-grade components in affordable packages. 

With microprocessor controllers and heavy-gauge, epoxy coated steel, these systems are built for durability and operational longevity. They feature our specially manufactured and highly reliable ion exchange resins that efficiently bind to and filter out mineral ions from water flows.

Each system undergoes our rigorous factory acceptance test to ensure problem-free deployment at customers’ sites.  If you are looking for a system with high-quality components, very competitive pricing and rapid availability, you’ve found it in our Efficient Series Incoming Water DI systems.

Ion Exchange Benefits


  • HIGH PURITY ION EXCHANGE RESINS: Premium strong acid cation and strong basic anion resins allow for consistent exchange of impurities and achieve high water quality.
  • CORROSIVE RESISTANT RESIN COLUMNS: A manufactured fiberglass ion exchange vessel greatly extends life of the system.
  • AMERICAN MADE DI CONTROLLER: Highly reliable DI controller monitors water quality and controls automated resin regeneration functions.
  • LARGE SEDIMENT FILTER: Low micron filter removes sedimentation and help protect the ion exchange resins from fouling.
  • ACTIVATED CARBON: Activated Carbon reduces ion exchange fouling by removing chlorine and organics.
  • OPEN FRAME: Corrosion resistant & epoxy coated with serviceability in mind.


  • PLC-BASED CONTROLLER: Secondary controller includes a Digital 2-cell built-in TDS (water quality) monitor, Product water tank level transmitter with an optional product water distribution system.
  • PRODUCT WATER DISTRIBUTION PUMP: TEFC (316 SS) pump and motor designed for continuous pressures and flows.
  • ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE TRANSMITTER: Inlet pressure transmitter is a safety device which protects the pump from running dry when there is an insufficient feed water pressure.
  • BACTERIA CONTROL: All electro-polished ultraviolet system reduces probability of bacteria growth within the product water.

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