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Preventative Maintenance

Process and Water’s mission is to provide the best possible service to our installed base of systems. This includes working with competitor’s systems to support that client base. We have licensed water and industrial wastewater treatment personnel of staff.


Our dedicated technicians perform such services as:

  • Delivery and installation of the portable DI resin exchange bottles
  • Replacement of all expendables including filters, cartridges, UV bulbs and filtration media
  • Reverse osmosis system preventative maintenance services including exchange of the RO membranes
  • Instrument calibration services
  • Media Rebed – including Resin & Carbon
  • Onsite RO CIP cleaning
  • DI loop Sanitization
  • High purity water & Industrial Wastewater treatment commissioning


Using our factory-trained service crew, Process and Water can provides complete expert delivery and preventive maintenance services for your industrial wastewater or high purity water system.

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