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Process and Water Co. to Provide TE Connectivity with Advanced System for Industrial Wastewater Recycling

Process and Water Company, a leading manufacturer and designer of advanced water purification, filtration and chemical treatment systems, today announced that it has been selected to provide a state-of-the-art industrial wastewater recycle and reuse system to TE Connectivity, Ltd. (NYSE: TEL). With over $13 billion in annual revenues, TE Connectivity, formerly Tyco Electronics, designs and manufactures solutions that connect and protect data and power for customers in over 150 countries and across a variety of industries. The new system, which was successfully piloted at a TE facility in Norwood, Mass., will enable the company to recycle and reuse up to 80% of the water currently used in the facility’s industrial processes. In addition to significantly lowering water usage costs, the system will reduce the TE plant’s energy costs and sewer discharge fees.

Process and Water designed the customized system using next-generation reverse osmosis (RO) membrane technologies. The system is more efficient than traditional RO systems, operating at much lower water pressures, consumes less energy, and requires less capital-intensive equipment such as high-end pumps.  In short, it is an environmentally friendly system that also significantly lowers the plant’s operational costs.  

Important considerations TE’s selection of Process and Water to design and build this system was the company’s expertise in advanced water recycle and reuse technologies, its deep expertise in process automation, and its proactive engineering, service and support teams. “To meet TE’s unique requirements for this system, our design/build team brought together leading-edge RO technologies with automated system monitoring and maintenance.  And it was all backed by precision manufacturing,” said Tom Belmont, CEO of Process and Water Company. “The result is a system that really showcases our expertise in helping companies leverage water and other natural resources in ways that are good for both the environment and their businesses.”

Key System Characteristics

  • Low Pressure/energy saving RO membranes
  • Large feed flow passage way that reduces membrane pressure changes to avoid premature membrane fouling and/or failure.
  • Advanced membrane substrate that greatly reduces RO membrane fouling due to salts found in process wastewaters.
  • Innovative use of program logic controls to facilitate remote monitoring and system control
  • On board RO membrane ‘cleaning-in-place’ (CIP) system for automatic cleaning of the system to reduce down time.
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