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 Process and Water Helps PremaTech Take its Ultra-Hard Materials Machining and Finishing to New Levels with Electronics-Grade High Purity Water and PH Neutralization systems

In many industries, including aerospace & defense, life sciences, semiconductor manufacturing and power generation, tough operating environments aren’t unusual – they’re the norm. Firms in sectors such as these require highly specialized equipment for their difficult applications and challenging environments.

To overcome these challenges, firms need component parts made from ultra-hard materials, often with special thermal, electronic and mechanical characteristics. When their requirements also include high precision, complex geometries and tight tolerances, industry leaders turn to PremaTech Advanced Ceramics. For more than 30 years, the Worcester, Mass.-based company has been a clear leader in engineering, machining, grinding, lapping and polishing basic and complex components made of high-purity silicon carbide and other advanced ceramics.

When PremaTech needed advanced industrial water systems to expand and enhance its in-house capabilities and processes, the company turned to Process and Water. The driving factor was a decision made by the PremaTech team to bring in-house certain, specialized production processes that it had previously outsourced. The in-house option will let PremaTech offer its customers a broader range of services that are handled under ‘one roof’ with closer management control over quality, precision, consistency, etc. To support these new in-house processes, however, PremaTech needed to upgrade its industrial water systems.

“Innovation was a key consideration for the PremaTech team,” said Process and Water CEO Tom Belmont. “They wanted to gain maximum advantage to the changes they were making in its facilities, and that meant minimizing the footprint of our systems. Our engineering team came through with a very innovative, small-footprint design for the combined high purity and pH compliance solution that will save PremaTech a significant amount of space in their facility – space they’ll be able to use to further enhance their product and service offerings.”

The system that Process and Water is building for PremaTech has two main components. The first is an electronics-grade high-purity water system that will be used to support various, demanding processes PremaTech conducts onsite including dicing, cutting, forming, machining and finishing its ultra-hard precision components. The system will utilize both low pressure reverse osmosis and de-ionization processes to reliably deliver water that meets rigorous, high-purity electronics specifications. A fully automated system with automatic controls and alarms, it will handle pre-filtration of particulate matter from incoming water flows, and reduction of chlorine in the water using carbon filtration. The de-ionization segment of the system will feature a unique polishing bed in which strong acid cation and strong base anion resins will remove all ionic constituents from the water.

To ensure that PremaTech’s new processes will be compliant with all relevant regulatory requirements, the new system will include pH neutralization capabilities for handling post-production water flows. It will automatically adjust the pH of process streams by increasing their acidity or alkalinity as needed to keep them within the defined acceptable range for discharge. To ease compliance reporting requirements, they system will track the numerical value of the final pH reading and discharge flow rate, and continuously record them on a built-in digital chart recorder.

For its customers, PremaTech does the hard work to turn ultra-hard materials and other advanced ceramics into the precision components they need. For PremaTech, the new Process and Water high-purity and pH neutralization system will make it easy for them to meet their increased in-house process water needs. With the new system will enable the company to produce, maximize the use of, and dispose the process rinse water safely, cleanly and cost-effectively. It’s innovation that will undoubtedly help PremaTech power through its next phase of growth.

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