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Process Plating and Cleaning Equipment

Electroplating and Anodizing Tanks and Equipment

Electroplating and Anodizing Tanks and Equipment

Process and Water has over 25 years of experience in the design, fabrication and implementation of process finishing equipment focused in plating and cleaning. Process and water has worked in some of the most aggressive and challenging environments such as barrel, rail to rail, and rack Plating and process finishing.

The advantage of working with Process and Water is our experience in the treatment of process rinse waters through innovative compliance and water recycle technologies. We take a developmental approach when designing any process finishing line by closely analyzing the clients potential wastewater discharge or rinse water recycle requirements.

 Process and Water works with our team to make sure that all of the process finishing equipment is assembled prior to delivery to reduce installation time at your facility and keep costs at a minimum.

 Process Cleaning, Anodizing Lines and Equipment

The majority of the plumbing, anode/cathode bars, pumps, filters, rectifiers and ventilation are just to name a few of the ancillary components that process and water designs and supplies.

How We Work With You

  • Aerospace
  • automotive
  • electronic
  • plating
  • printed circuit board
  • finishing equipment types:
  • anodizing
  • electroplating
  • chromate
  • conversion
  • phosphating

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