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Rain water reclaim and purified water design project

Process and Water is assisting in the design and implementation of rain water reclaim/reuse as well as an Ultrapure Water system(s) for Georgetown Universities new science center.  The Process and Water systems will be integrated into a new construction environment located in the Washington DC metropolitan area.  The University decided to design the building to be a “sustainable building” that can achieve LEED silver certification. Originally, the planning committee hoped that the new building would just achieve basic LEED certification.

Certification as a sustainable building requires design and material considerations at every level of the building, from internal infrastructure and building skin, to landscaping. To meet stringent LEED Silver certification building standards for efficiency and environmental impact the Rain Water harvesting system will be entirely automated and work to create water for reuse throughout the entire complex, for non potable purposes.

Process and Water has also been awarded as part of the contract to design and commisioning of a high-purity water (laboratory Type 1) system to be utilized in the building’s laboratory environments. The Process and Water Team is excited to be affiliated with such a prestigious and forward-thinking institution, and we’re proud to be providing, in some small way, the innovation and tools needed to advance Georgetown University’s excellence in research and laboratory sciences.

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