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Reverse Osmosis Reject water Recycle Process for EMD Millipore

Process and Water is a team of fluid handling and process water purification professionals (that design and service pH neutralization, DI water, rain water recycle and industrial reverse osmosis systems) have just entered into a contract with EMD Millipore, a life sciences division of Millipore Corporation to design a reverse osmosis reject water recycle system.

This state of the art system will include PLC based controls that will divert the RO reject water to reclaim or drain based upon the demand for incoming water within the facility and will utilize a variable frequency drive to maintain consistent water pressure throughout the facility. The goal of this project is to reduce the volume of water that is currently being sent to the sanitary sewer and illustrate the innovative technologies that are available to water recycle these process streams.

The water recycle system will have integrated level controls that will communicate with the existing reverse osmosis system through an automated valve manifold that sends the water to the water recycle storage tank for equalization. The recycled water is then pumped through a vertical multi-stage pump to another automated valve manifold that sends the water to non-potable usage points throughout the facility including the water softener regeneration location. The goal is to recover greater than 90% of the reverse osmosis reject water for reclaim.

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