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Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Reverse osmosis water filter and system design and implementation

Reverse osmosis design and implementation

Process and Water “Efficient” Series of reverse osmosis (RO) systems enable customers to lower their costs and improve their operations with more reliable and efficient filtration operations.  Designed for high quality and low cost, these are also easy to maintain.  Features include a solid state, microprocessor controller, and a durable platform made from heavy-gauge epoxy coated steel.  Some models include innovative membrane housings that require no tools for membrane replacements. They also have high quality, low-pressure membranes from a top manufacturer and industrial-grade feed pumps, for quality and longevity in systems’ most critical components.

Each of our “Efficient” Series RO systems undergoes a rigorous factory acceptance test to ensure problem-free deployments at customers’ sites.

Quality components, long operational life, and great pricing and availability make Process and Waters “Efficient” Series of Reverse Osmosis water filter Systems the best value on the market.  Compare our systems’ feature sets and prices, then call or click today.

What Is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis Benefits

  • INNOVATIVE MEMBRANES: Low pressure TFC membranes for maximum rejection of impurities while achieving high product flows.
  • CORROSIVE RESISTANT MEMBRANE HOUSING: All plastic membrane housings that require no tools when servicing.
  • AMERICAN MADE RO CONTROLLER: Highly reliable RO controller with 2-cell built-in TDS water quality monitor, tank full contacts with an optional product water distribution expansion board.
  • LARGE SEDIMENT FILTER: Low micron filter removes sedimentation and helps protect RO membranes from fouling.
  • LARGE CARBON FILTER: Reduces RO membrane fouling by removing chlorine and organics.
  • OPEN FRAME: Corrosion resistant & epoxy coated with serviceability in-mind.
  • ADJUSTABLE LOW PRESSURE SWITCH: Low pressure switch is a safety device which protects the pump from running dry when there is an insufficient feed water pressure.
  • HIGHLY ACCURATE CONCENTRATE VALVE: PVC needle valve regulates the system’s recovery, the product to waste ratio.
  • PANEL MOUNTED FLOW METERS: One Product & One Waste flow meter enables operator to accurately adjust product to waste ratio and monitor system performance.

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