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Rochester Electronics Using Advanced ‘Green’ Technologies in New Semiconductor Plating Facility; Taps Process and Water to Provide ‘Zero Liquid Discharge’ Wastewater Recycling System

Company’s commitment to environmental stewardship underscored by investment in state-of-the-art system that will recycle 100% of rinse waters used in key manufacturing processes.

Newburyport, MA, October 14, 2014 – Rochester Electronics, a leading manufacturer of authorized and guaranteed semiconductors that have been discontinued by their original makers, today announced that it will utilize advanced ‘green’ technologies to ensure that its manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly. The company is investing in a state-of-the-art, zero liquid discharge wastewater recycling system that will support key semiconductor plating processes.

Rochester Electronics chose Process and Water, a leading manufacturer and designer of commercial and industrial water treatment and recycling systems based in East Bridgewater, Mass., to design, build and support the new system.

To gain production efficiencies while maintaining it hallmark of high-quality manufacturing, Rochester Electronics made the decision to bring its semiconductor plating processes in-house. These processes are challenging not only because they require high degrees of precision, but also because they involve the use of potentially hazardous base metal materials, including tin, tin-lead, and nickel.

The company recently expanded a facility on its headquarters campus to house the core system. Rochester Electronics then turned to Process and Water to deliver the cutting-edge environmental technologies required to make it a ‘zero liquid discharge’ (ZLD) facility. ZLD systems utilize the most advanced wastewater treatment technologies available to purify and recycle virtually all of the process wastewater. To help Rochester meet this goal, Process and Water designed a sophisticated system that handles de-ionization of the incoming water supply, and then reclaims, treats and recycles the water used in semiconductor cleaning and plating processes using specialized ion exchange and vacuum distillation system.

“We wanted this project to deliver a big impact in terms of value for our customers, while making zero impact on the environment in which we operate,” said Hank Prosack. “We selected Process and Water primarily because they have a proven track record in designing and implementing these types of systems. But another major factor was that their team took the time to get to know Rochester Electronics, how we operate, and what’s important to us. All of that input and feedback was worked directly into their design – it was anything but cookie-cutter standard water treatment process.”

“We’re particularly excited about this project because it spotlights two Massachusetts-based manufacturers that are collaborating with the result being innovative and compelling products manufactured in environmentally sound ways,” said Process and Water CEO Tom Belmont. “It’s good for their business and the environment – a real win/win.”

About Rochester Electronics

Rochester Electronics, headquartered in Newburyport, Mass., with a campus of corporate, manufacturing and distribution facilities, is licensed and authorized by more than 60 semiconductor manufacturers to provide a continuing manufacturing source for mature and EOL semiconductors. Manufacturers that have authorized Rochester include, AMD, Analog Devices, Fairchild, Intel, Texas Instruments and many others. Rochester manufactures thousands of devices in a variety of package styles, offering the world’s most comprehensive solution for mature and EOL semiconductor products.

About Process and Water

Process and Water is a different kind of water purification and fluid-handling system company. It offers the high-end and custom systems customers expect from large companies, but with the personalized support and services that only smaller companies can deliver. Providing innovative system design, development and manufacturing, Process and Water specializes in creating systems that not only meet customers’ specific operational needs, but also their budget requirements. Founded in 2010, and headquartered in East Bridgewater, Mass., Process and Water is a subsidiary of Elevate Experts, a provider of strategy and management services to small- and mid-sized businesses.

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