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Metalworking & Coolant

Process and Water in conjunction with Liquid tool manufacturers and suppliers have developed multiple cost effective, highly dependable water purification process systems for metalworking fluid & coolant make up.

Many synthetic, water miscible, oil free metalworking fluids require demineralized water for make-up. The PW-5-DI system has an operating range of 5 to 10 Gallons per minute including particulate filtration and carbon absorption for chlorine reduction, critical to metalworking fluid make up. The pretreated water is passed through a proprietary blended ion exchange DI resin bed to demineralize the water before blending with the metalworking fluid. Every system includes a DI water quality light that indicates when the makeup water is within or out of specification.


We also developed a DI water system that operates at 3 to 5 Gallons per minute, The PW-3-DI system includes smaller DI resin canisters for ease of column moving and shipping.

Many of our clients are distributors of metalworking and coolant chemicals that require site testing. Our portable PW-P-DI water system has all of the equipment from our wall mounted units packaged on an industrial grade cart with casters for maneuverability. Many customers choose this portable system to use throughout their plant for DI water make up.

At Process and Water, we are proud to support liquid tool manufacturers, distributors and end users in meeting their critical demand for demineralized water for metalworking fluid make up. Contact us today to learn how we can support your purified water needs.

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