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Water Recycle Design Technologies

Reverse osmosis water recycle design and implementation

Process and Water’s team has over twenty years of experience in process rinse water recycle design and implementation. We take a developmental approach to water recycle by completing a process rinse water audit to determine whether your process qualifies for recycle

Like all products in Process and Waters “Efficient” Series, our rinse water  Ion exchange and reverse osmosis recycle systems consist of high-quality, industrial-grade components in affordable packages.

With microprocessor controllers and heavy-gauge, epoxy coated steel, these systems are built for durability and operational longevity.  They feature our specially manufactured and highly reliable ion exchange resins that efficiently bind to and filter out mineral ions from water flows.

Each system undergoes our rigorous factory acceptance test to ensure problem-free deployment at customers’ sites.  If you are looking for a system with high-quality components, very competitive pricing and rapid availability, you’ve found it in our Efficient Series ion exchange and reverse osmosis.

Water Recycle

Ion exchange water recycle design and implementation

Introducing the “Efficient” Series of heavy duty industrial grade 1 to 40 GPM rinse water recycle products made right here in our factory and delivered to you fast…Our innovations include a solid state, micro processor controller, manufactured for us, in the USA. Heavy gauge epoxy coated steel, for a built to last platform. Highly reliable, innovative high capacity ion exchange resins, so you can be assured of quality and longevity with the components that matter most. Each and every system we manufacture goes through a rigorous Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) to ensure seamless “plug and play” capabilities and stress free startups and integration.  We invite you to learn more about what makes this line of products simply the best value on the market. Period.

The poor quality and high cost  of what some of our customers were ending up purchasing, while seeking low cost, commercial grade Reverse Osmosis and DI water systems, Process and Water knew we could do it better, smarter… So we developed the “Efficient” Series of water purification systems, and it has quickly evolved to encompass waste water recycle applications as well. We believe that a water purification system, regardless of price point, should be built to last, using high quality components and smart, durable, space sensitive design. As an industrial grade manufacturing firm we took that commitment to building robust industrial grade systems and scaled them down to satisfy a huge demand in the marketplace for cost competitive systems with quick turnaround, and an expandable, advanced standardized package.

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